Why Is My Water Brown?

In the United States, we’re used to turning on a tap and having fresh, clean water flow through it. When we turn that knob and a rush of brown water comes out, it’s alarming. Why does this happen? It’s a…

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Plumbing Basics Everyone Should Know

How much do you know about plumbing? Plumbing may seem complicated, but you don’t have to be a plumber to understand the way your home’s plumbing system works. The principles that apply to plumbing are straightforward, based on the laws…

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Are You Ready to Start Spring Cleaning?

Spring is on the way, and it’s a great time of year to give your house a refresh. Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition, and performing home maintenance in the spring helps keep your house in good shape. Winter storms…

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Top 5 Home Renovations in Winter

While the dreary winter might seem a counterintuitive time for home renovation, many homeowners find the winter a productive time for projects. During the winter, there are not too many distractions, the spring price hike hasn’t hit, and contractors’ schedules…

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Transforming Your Backyard Storage Shed

If you have a backyard storage shed, have you ever wondered if it could be more? Maybe you’re craving a she-shed, or perhaps you need more space for your guests. On the other hand, you might just want to expand…

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Your Local Family Plumber Serving the Entire Puget Sound Region

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For over 20 years, Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating has served homeowners and business owners in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas. We offer exceptional heating, cooling, and plumbing services, all performed by our fully licensed plumbers.

We’re family operated and locally owned, and we strive to provide superior services at affordable prices. Our customers are our top priority, so we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.






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