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sewer line in ground

Signs You Have a Problem With Your Main Sewer Line

It’s easy to take the sewer system for granted. However, it’s wise to be on the lookout for early signs of trouble with your drain lines. This way, you can take action before your plumbing fails entirely. Here are the…

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Mar 08 By Drain Service Sewer Service

Do You Know What Causes Sewer Damage?

Every drain in your house connects to the biggest, most important piece of plumbing in the system—the main sewer line. After years of wear and tear, the sewer line can begin to take a beating. Eventually, it may become clogged…

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Aug 20 By Sewer Service

Fall Plumbing Tips

  Autumn is upon us, and for most homeowners, that means a fair amount of maintenance. As you make the shift into the colder seasons, you’ll want to see to your furnace, tend to your landscaping, and do some maintenance…

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Oct 22 By Plumbers Plumbing Contractor Sewer Service
Empty beige garage

How to Unclog Garage Floor Drains

If your garage has a continuous floor drain, a clog can cause some major issues. When your floor drain gets clogged, you may be left with standing water that can wreak havoc with anything you have stored in your garage,…

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Jul 25 By Sewer Service
Drain camera inspection

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Are your sinks draining slower than they used to? Have you started noticing an unpleasant sewer odor near a basement floor drain? Is a toilet overflowing? These are all reasons to call an emergency plumber in Puget Sound to perform…

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Jun 24 Sewer Service

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