Close up image of kitchen sink

Why Your Sink Won’t Drain & How to Fix It

It’s never a good sign when you turn on the faucet only to have water pool at the bottom of the sink, refusing to go down the drain no matter how much you will it to. When your sink won’t…

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Nov 15 By Drain Service Emergency Plumber Plumbing
Flushing down toilet paper

Dissolving Toilet Paper Clogs in the Toilet Drain

A clogged toilet is enough to make any homeowner’s heart sink. As the water creeps higher and higher in the bowl, you realize your main sewer line may be backed up. Oddly enough, toilet paper, the very product designed to…

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Nov 01 By Drain Service Plumbing Toilet
Man doing plumbing inspection

How Often Do You Need a Plumbing Inspection?

Plumbing is a crucial home system, yet it’s mostly unseen and easy to forget about—until something goes wrong. A plumbing emergency is a homeowner’s worst nightmare, resulting in costly repairs and heaps of stress. That’s where annual plumbing inspections come…

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Oct 04 By Emergency Plumber Plumbers Plumbing
Inspector inspecting outside of house

Plumbing Codes Every Homeowner Should Know

Plumbing is easy to take for granted, but you’ll quickly come to appreciate its complexity if you’re facing a leaky faucet, broken sewer pipe, or upcoming bathroom renovation. You can’t simply pick up a wrench and get to work—you must…

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Sep 20 By Plumbers Plumbing Plumbing Contractor
Two toddlers playing around toilet

Top 10 Toilet Sounds to Watch Out for and What They Mean

Have you ever heard an unsettling noise when you flush the toilet and wondered, “Is that normal?” You’re not alone. Much like other plumbing appliances, toilets can start making strange sounds over time. Understanding the reasons behind these sounds is…

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Sep 13 By Emergency Plumber Plumbing Toilet

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