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Delby Powell
Delby Powell
00:09 05 Apr 23
Wonderful people; heart stopping by-the-book pricing. As much money in parts/labor to repair as cost of new toilet. Same approximate price to install user provided toilet. No win situation. Can't afford at this time.
Rex Zhang
Rex Zhang
16:54 17 Mar 23
A sign of good company: you signed up for 8-9 and the technician showed up in that window.with Puget Sound Plumbing: you signed up 8-9, the technician called you at 10, "will be there around 10:45".You ask why it's late, "I am happy to cancel the appointment for you if you want"Thus 1 star.
Alex Rinehart
Alex Rinehart
05:10 26 Feb 23
Some of their competitors are cheaper, but the unmatched professionalism, knowledge, and speed make Puget Sound Plumbing worth spending a little extra on. You get what you pay for!
ryan nakata
ryan nakata
02:28 24 Jan 23
I had a valve break under my kitchen sink and had to turn off the main water. Called and they said they'd have someone out between 1-3, I then called them at 3:15 and they wanted to reschedule me for the next morning. So I wasted over 3 and half hours from the time it happened for them to let me know they don't think they'll make it. I called another company and they were able to come out and fix it. Terrible communication.
Jeff Roth
Jeff Roth
02:39 26 Sep 22
Positive experience. Work performed methodically & with care.The wife, who was home while work was performed, would like too add on.I called & talked to Chris on 9-12 in the AM because I couldn’t shut the water off.Old house, not shut offs under the sink, main shut off wouldn’t move & looked fragile. Didn’t have proper tool for outside shut off.As promised Derek & his apprentice Michael showed up within a few hours. Chris called me back to let me know they were on their way.I called this company because A) I liked the Val-Pak ad with the “clogs” (Wooden Dutch Clogs) in the sink.Advertising with a sense of humor helps. B) companies I’d used in the past wouldn’t work on my original Farm Sink, circa 1928, & I wished to preserve it.Derek immediately assessed our entire plumbing system from the outside in.Didn’t want to hear that size of pipe was not up to code but good to know.I explained how I felt about my sink & he said he’d try.The back splash is separate from the sink itself & had to come off.I’m sure it hadn’t been removed for a very long time.After wrestling with it mightily he succeeded. It was a mess back there. He had to do a lot of customizing to build it back up but did so working with the galvanized pipe.Replaced the faucet & also the bathroom faucet. I had a Kohler that was 25 years old. The water pressure is so great here I had stopped using the sink altogether.They were at my house all day but maintained good attitudes & were very courteous to a Senior lady who’s slow going up & down the stairs. They showed concern for my safety which was very appreciated.They also kindly removed 2 dead rats that were in the area they were working in on the ground floor/garage.Other, non-exterminating companies have charged me a “bounty” for removing rats they found while doing other kinds of work. I offered, they wouldn’t hear of it.Unfortunately the next day, the 13th, I had to call them back because the bathroom faucet was dripping. After trying hard to repair replacement was the best option. They waited for me to go get the faucet from Home Depot as it wasn’t something on their truck.The next day the 14th there was rust running onto the sink from the faucets. Couldn’t do it that day & I wasn’t available until the 20th.I was asking how much they were charging on Tues.& Wednesday but was told company policy was to get it right!On Monday the 19th Derek had to tear out the back splash of the kitchen sink AGAIN only to find out it was my porous counter that was creating a moisture problem & causing the rust.Still wouldn’t take anything extra for all their time which wasn’t their fault.Had them come back on the 20th to reseat the toilet & replace the wax.Just about had to pitch a fit to get them to take some extra pay which I thought they more than deserved.They were courteous, hardworking, patient & determined. All super qualities. It’s a good feeling to hire an Iraqi War Vet with 8 years of service.Thank You Derek! & thank you Michael for a winning attitude.
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