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A broken or leaking pipe can be costly if it isn’t taken care of quickly. Count on Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating to deliver quick and efficient water line repair services to Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas. Our services include proper diagnosis of the issue with a detailed solution to get things back on track in a timely manner. We help keep your home or business safe from flooding and other plumbing problems. We’re a family-owned business of qualified plumbers backed by multiple lifetime warranty schemes. We offer emergency plumbing services when your home or office is threatened by a flood. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Where Are Water Lines Found and Why Are They Needed?

Your water supply line connects directly to the public’s main water distribution line to provide water for your home or office. The main water line leads to cold water at first, then goes through your water heater for hot water. These water lines are the most essential part of your plumbing system because they disperse water throughout your property.

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Water Line Repair Process for Broken Pipes

Our experts use electronic equipment to find any leak in your pipes before it causes significant damage to your Seattle home or business. Our process for broken pipes begins with walking you through shutting off the main water line to stop the water flow. Our 24-hour emergency service team quickly diagnoses the problem. If you need a water line replacement, we’ll discuss your options before proceeding to replace the water line. We always help you find the best solution for your property and budget.

Warning Signs of Water Line Problems

Water line issues often show symptoms before they reach a breaking point. The most common signs of water line problems include:

  • Reduced water pressure
  • Damp ground near the water line
  • Unexplained increase in your water bill
  • Strange noises in pipes
  • Water coming from the ground
  • Stuttering faucets
  • Interior water damage

Common Water Line Problems

Diagnosing and repairing water line problems as quickly as possible is essential. The most common water line problems include:

  • Pipe Corrosion – If your water lines are more than 30 years old, it’s vital to look for pipe corrosion.
  • Root Infiltration – Tree and plant roots often back up water lines by cracking pipes.
  • Cold Weather – Cold weather expands water lines, weakening and damaging your pipes.
  • Soil Movement – Ground and foundation movement often puts force on your pipes.

Warranties for waterline replacement

Lifetime warranty on copper water service installations!
20-year warranty on a Pex water service installation.

Why Choose Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating?

Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating has served Washington residents for over 20 years. We offer exemplary warranties for water line replacements, including a lifetime warranty for copper water service installations and a 20-year warranty on a Pex water service installation. We can discuss replacing your water line with an innovative and environmentally friendly trenchless water system. Our high-tech electronic leak location technology lets us quickly and accurately pinpoint water leaks. Our leak detection equipment works under concrete or in your yard, eliminating a lot of guesswork and destruction to your home. We also offer financing when you need water line services.

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Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating family operated and locally owned, and we strive to provide superior services at affordable prices. Our customers are our top priority, so we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Answering Our Customers’ Water Line Repair Questions

As seasoned plumbing repair professionals, our technicians understand the ins and outs of plumbing systems, including their water lines. Residents trust Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating because we offer unbeatable industry skills and expertise. We also understand how important sharing our insight is and gladly answer all our customers’ questions when they call or during scheduled service appointments. No question is too minor to deserve an honest and complete answer. You can reach out to us to discuss your plumbing and the services you need. We’re starting the process by answering several of the most frequently asked questions we get:

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Busted Water Line?

Typically, repairing a water line will take an estimated four the eight hours. While this amount of time might seem substantial, a contractor must first reach a pipe to access the damage before they can start any work. If your property has a trenched system, we may need to perform a great deal of digging to get to your pipe’s damaged section. In this case, the time it takes to complete a water line repair can increase drastically. We perform our plumbing services quickly and carefully and ensure we don’t cut corners or compromise quality so your repair work is conclusive and long-term.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pipes That Burst?

Generally, homeowners insurance policies aren’t likely to cover the costs of a broken water pipe, particularly if things like corrosion, tree roots, or a pipe’s age cause wear and tear that leads to damage. However, if digging or another small activity damages your water line, you have a better chance of your homeowners insurance covering cleanup and repairs. You should always check with your policyholder to get specific details about what your plan will cover.

How Do I Know If I Need Water Service Repair?

You may need to repair your water lines if they are leaking, and there are multiple ways to determine if this issue is happening at your property. Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating will gladly repair any water line showing signs of damage, leaking, or problematic wear. Below, we’ve listed the usual symptoms indicating your water service has a leak:

  • A higher-than-normal water bill
  • Sound of running water
  • Green grass when all other grass is brown or yellow
  • Puddles on your sidewalk or in your yard when it hasn’t rained
  • Your water meter running when you don’t have water on in your house

How Do You Determine When to Shut Off Water at the Meter or In the House?

Start by shutting off the water valve to your home when you have a leak or flood in it. Sinks and toilets tend to have water supply lines that let you isolate your water shut-off to those specific fixtures or areas. You can also cut water at your house’s shut-off valve. If water leaks or floods outside your home, you should shut off your water at the water meter, immediately turning off all water to your entire home.

Do You Excavate for Underground Utility and Pipe Repair?

While not all underground utility and pipe repair requires excavation, we must perform this task in some cases. Fortunately, Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating’s highly trained team minimizes digging as much as possible to reduce the necessary damage to your property.

How Long Do Water Pipes Last?

It’s understandable that you would have concerns about your plumbing’s longevity, including the water pipes supplying your home with clean water for your faucets, fixtures, and appliances. Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating is happy to inform you that water pipes typically have a 50-year lifespan. If you ever worry about your water pipes’ condition and notice any issues with them, you can reach out to us to get professional solutions.

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We’re family operated and locally owned, and we strive to provide superior services at affordable prices. Our customers are our top priority, so we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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