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How to Spot Different Types of Household Plungers sink

How to Spot Different Types of Household Plungers

Slow drain? A plunger is the best tool to grab. But did you know that different plungers are made for specific purposes? The type meant to unclog the toilet won’t work so well on your kitchen sink and vice versa.…

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Nov 01 By Drain Service Home Services
woman pouring cooking oil into pot in a modern kitchen

What to Do with Leftover Cooking Grease and Oil

Are you wondering how to reuse or properly dispose of used cooking grease and oil? Whatever you do, don’t pour it down the drain! It may be liquid when it’s hot, but cooking grease congeals into a gummy, gooey mess…

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Oct 04 By Drain Service Plumbing Sewer Service
sewer line in ground

Signs You Have a Problem With Your Main Sewer Line

It’s easy to take the sewer system for granted. However, it’s wise to be on the lookout for early signs of trouble with your drain lines. This way, you can take action before your plumbing fails entirely. Here are the…

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Mar 08 By Drain Service Sewer Service

10 Common Items That Shouldn’t Go Down the Drain

Pipes are susceptible to clogging if anything besides water flows down the drain. Some things can’t be avoided, like spitting toothpaste in the bathroom sink, rinsing shampoo from your hair in the shower, and scrubbing food off dishes in the…

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Feb 08 By Drain Service Plumbing

Is Your Drain Showing Signs It Needs A Good Cleaning?

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your plumbing very much unless there’s a problem. If your drain starts running slowly or your toilet overflows, though, you’re suddenly very aware of your pipes. That’s when you’ll wish you…

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May 25 By Drain Service Plumbing

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