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What is the Safest Plumbing Pipe?

If you’re looking to replace your home’s water pipes, you may be wondering how your choice could affect drinking water quality. Your worries are well-founded. After all, lead pipes and fittings were installed until the mid-1980s, and galvanized steel and…

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May 03 By Home Services Plumbing
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What’s a Plumbing Vent Pipe & How Does It Work?

Plumbing Vent Pipe Repair & Installation in Seattle, WA Unless you’re a plumber, you might not know what a plumbing vent pipe is and how it works. As your local Seattle, WA plumbers, the team at Puget Sound Plumbing &…

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Jan 06 By Home Services Plumbing
How to Fix a Loose Toilet Handle

How to Fix a Loose Toilet Handle

Are you annoyed by the flimsy handle on your toilet? The problem is more than just a nuisance if it also prevents the toilet from flushing properly. Fortunately, learning how to fix a loose toilet handle is easy. Simply follow…

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Dec 27 By Home Services Plumbers
taping a pipe end with leak tape

Exploring Different Types of Pipe Leak Tape

Tape plays a surprisingly important role in your plumbing system. You simply need the right tape for the job and a little know-how to ensure you apply it correctly. Here’s some helpful information about the two primary types of pipe…

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Nov 22 By Home Services Leak Detection
copper pipe attached to wall in basement

What to Know About Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes

Copper is a popular repiping material, typically lasting decades before requiring repair or replacement. However, some copper pipes experience pinhole leaking, a problem that may develop as soon as two years after installation. Pinhole leaks are a hidden plumbing problem…

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Nov 20 By Home Services Leak Detection

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