Save Money On Water Costs

Seven Ways to Save Money on Water Costs

Whether you’re looking to scale back your water consumption for environmental reasons or to help put some extra money in your pocket, there are a number of quick and easy things you can do to reduce the amount of water…

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Home's Plumbing Shut Off Valve

What Are the Dangers of Old Pipes?

Most home-builders operating before the 1960s installed galvanized iron pipes for the household plumbing system. Despite their name, galvanized pipes aren’t actually made of iron; they’re steel pipes that are covered inside and out by a protective layer of zinc.…

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Deep Cleaning Kitchen Sinks

Best Toilets Around The World

Different cultures around the world have found interesting ways to process human waste. Many of these toilets utilize new technology to provide users a more comfortable experience. Puget sound plumbing january slideshare_best toilets around the world from PudgetSoundPlumbing If you are in need…

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Home's Plumbing Shut Off Valve

What To Do If Your Pipes Burst

If a water pipe bursts in your home, it’s important that you act fast to protect your belongings and minimize damage to the structure. Whether it’s due to frozen pipes or an unexpected break in the link, here are some…

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Home's Plumbing Shut Off Valve

What Makes Seattle Drinking Water Different?

Staying hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. While some people may feel the need to buy a water filter or get their daily intake from plastic bottles, Seattle residents are able to get clear, crisp drinking water straight…

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