A Smart Winter Checklist for Seattle Residents

Dec29 By Plumbing

Winter is upon us- is your house ready? Some household maintenance chores are universal, but if you live in the Pacific Northwest, there are some particular chores you should be doing to prepare for the coming months. Need a list? We’ve got one for you.

First, let’s discuss winter maintenance that’s standard no matter where you live.

  • Clean your gutters to protect your house. Debris in the gutters can cause water to accumulate against the roof, damaging the roof, siding, and wood trim.
  • Service the furnace before you need it. Before the cold really kicks in, schedule an appointment for furnace inspection and maintenance. That way, you won’t run into trouble in the dead of winter.
  • Check out the chimney. Creosote buildup or debris blocking your chimney could cause a carbon monoxide leak or start a chimney fire, so have your chimney inspected.
  • If you’ve got a sump pump, make sure it’s functioning properly. You should be testing it every few months, pouring a few gallons of water into the pit to see that it works well.
  • Mind the outdoor irrigation. Turn off your outdoor faucets, disconnecting your hoses, and draining any water that may remain in the faucets so that they don’t freeze and burst your pipes. If you have a sprinkler system, have a professional come out and drain the pipes.
  • Caulk to keep out drafts. Caulking around doors and windows can keep out cold air and prevent leaks on stormy days. Install weatherstripping around doors so that it blocks daylight from within your home.
  • Inspect the roof. Clean off leaves, pine needles, and debris, and inspect the roof for shingles that need repair or replacement.

Some things are specific to the Pacific Northwest. Why? Because of the immense amount of rain this area gets, homeowners have to be especially careful about water damage.

  • While you’re on the roof, remove the moss. Better yet, get off the roof and hire a professional to remove the moss for you. You should also take extra care when cleaning your gutters, and trim trees away from the house, to minimize the risk of storm damage.
  • Be wary of carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are common in the Pacific Northwest because they thrive in wet conditions. To keep them at bay, keep loose wood away from your house, fix leaks promptly, and seal cracks around the foundation.
  • Seal the surfaces exposed to the elements. This includes decks, patios, outdoor decks, and cedar shake roofs.

If you need home maintenance help, trust Puget Sound Plumbing. For over 20 years, we’ve been taking care of business owners and homeowners in Seattle, and we can meet all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Family-owned-and-operated, we provide superior service at affordable prices because our customers are our top priority. For help with your plumbing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, call (206) 350-0079 or contact us through our website.

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