Plumbing Issues That You Can Not Put Off

Jan08 By Plumbing
Technician fixing water heater

Especially if money is tight, there’s a temptation to put off home improvement chores. Some issues, though, can’t be postponed. When it comes to plumbing, there are certain things you should never ignore because problems can quickly escalate into a disaster.

  • Problems with the main drain are an emergency. If water or sewage is backing into the floor drain in your basement, it means there’s a breach or block in the waste pipe that leads away from your house. If you ignore it, you could end up with a catastrophe. Sewer water in your basement doesn’t just ruin your walls and carpet; it poses a major health hazard.
  • Don’t ignore a leaking hot water tank. Water heaters are powered by electricity with gas, and neither of those things plays well with water. While any leak warrants immediate attention, a leak in the water tank is particularly urgent.
  • An improperly running sump pump can spell trouble. Your sump pump needs to be in good working order when the spring runoff hits, so check it regularly to ensure it’s functioning well.
  • Drips and leaks can ruin more than your water bill. You may be able to fix a dripping faucet by yourself by replacing the washer, but sometimes the job is complicated and requires special tools. Leaking pipes can be a major nuisance and require a professional plumber. Fix it sooner than later, so it doesn’t cause significant water damage.
  • Don’t ignore a toilet issue. While you can wait a day or two if your toilet is blocked or overflowing, it’s important not to close the lid and wait for it to resolve itself. Call a qualified plumber to fix the problem before it becomes a health issue.
  • Low water pressure may be a bad sign. It could result from built-up deposits or sediments, or the main shut-off valve may be partly closed or faulty, restricting water to the house. You could also have a pipe leak under the floor or in the ground. If your showerhead has low water pressure, you can try cleaning it with vinegar. If that doesn’t work, call a plumber to determine what’s going on and how to fix it.

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