How to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

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Man in a striped tee measuring and drilling with a dog sitting next to him

If you’ve got pets, you probably take plenty of steps to pet-proof your home. From protecting your furniture from pet hair to protecting your pets from eating something dangerous, you consider the possible issues in every room of your home. But what about your plumbing? Have you done all you can to pet-proof your plumbing?

  • Keep outside dirt outside. If your pets love to play in the mud, or if they bring in mud with them after a heavy rain, clean them outside. Mud and pet fur can create serious clogs, but rinsing your pets outside can save on expensive plumbing repairs. If the weather doesn’t permit you to clean your pet immediately, do as much cleanup as possible with a towel so that you can clean up later with a hose.
  • Provide clean water for your pets. When pets don’t have adequate water available, they seek out other water sources, which leads to hazardous actions like drinking from the toilet bowl. To prevent this, keep the water dish full and the toilet lid closed.
  • Protect your pet from plumbing dangers. Chemicals used to clean and unplug plumbing are hazardous to pets and should be kept out of areas that pets can access. What’s more, pipes can be a dangerous temptation for pets who like to chew, so be careful to keep them concealed.
  • Guard your drain. Especially if you bathe your pets in the tub or sink, use a stopper to plug your drain and a guard to catch hair when it does drain. This will keep pet hair out of your pipes and help prevent clogs.
  • Protect your pipes from pet-related dangers. Don’t flush cat litter down the toilet, even if it’s advertised as being flushable, because it can lead to clogs and other issues with your plumbing. If you have a dog that likes to dig, do whatever you can to discourage this habit so that your pooch doesn’t disturb your water and sewer lines, which can be as close to the surface as 18 inches under the ground.
  • Make bathing your pets a little easier. Installing pressure balancing valves in your faucets and showerheads keeps water temperatures from changing suddenly when someone uses water in another part of the house. When the water doesn’t shift from very hot to very cold it makes bathing your pet safer and easier.

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