5 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Aug10 By Laundry Plumbers
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What are your plans for the summer? Probably, hiring a plumber isn’t on your list, but in fact, warmer months tend to bring some plumbing issues that don’t happen during the rest of the year. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from expense and hassle by anticipating some problems you might face and being proactive about preventing them. Here, we reveal five common plumbing problems you’re likely to face this summer.

  • Your disposal is likely to become clogged. Summer is prime cookout time, with plenty of guests and extra food likely to pass through your home. How will you dispose of food waste? Be careful of what you put down your in-sink garbage disposal. Watermelon rinds and corn cobbs are rough on your disposal, damaging the blades and leading to clogs. Cooking oil, too, can damage your system, so don’t pour grease down your drain. Before, during, and after using your garbage disposal, run cold water through it to make sure you’ve cleared out any bits of food that may be clinging to it.
  • Your sewer line may back up. Summer can bring heavy rains, which can be problematic for sewer systems. What’s more, tree roots are likely to spread underground in the summertime and can crack your pipes. The moment that you notice any problems with the sewer line, like water backing up into the bathtub, call a qualified plumber to fix it while the issue is still minor.
  • Washing machines may need extra TLC in the summer. Especially while the kids are after school and you’re going to places like the pool or the beach, you’ll probably be working your washer harder than usual. Pay attention to your washing machine, staying home while it’s running, so that you know if a problem occurs and can call a professional if you need to do so.
  • Your toilets are likely to clog in the summer. While the kids are home, the toilets are going to get more use than they do in other seasons. To protect against clogs, teach your kids not to use too much toilet paper, and to flush only after they’ve actually used the toilet. Have a plunger on hand for minor clogs, and be prepared to call a plumber if things get out of hand.
  • Sprinklers get a workout during the summer. If your sprinkler system involves sprinklers that are embedded into the yard, it’s essential to give them a once over before the season gets started, thoroughly inspecting and cleaning the heads. Use caution when mowing the lawn, making sure that the sprinkler heads are lowered, so you don’t damage them.

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