10 Things to Try If Your Water Won’t Run

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Filling Glass with Tap Water

When you turn on the faucet or shower, you expect water to pour out. So what do you do if the water won’t run? First of all, don’t panic. The key to getting things flowing again is to figure out what’s wrong in the first place. Follow these 10 steps to troubleshoot no water coming out of the tap.

  1. Try another faucet: If other sinks and plumbing fixtures work just fine, you can narrow down the problem to this one faucet.
  2. Try the hot and cold water: Does the cold water run normally, but you can’t seem to get it hot? This could mean something’s wrong with your water heater.
  3. Check for closed valves: Make sure the valves below the sink are open all the way by turning them counterclockwise as far as they will go. Check your home’s main water shut-off valve as well to ensure it’s not stuck halfway open.
  4. Remove limescale or rust: Sediment buildup or rust flakes could be blocking the flow of water from the tap. Try unscrewing the aerator and soaking it in vinegar to remove buildup.
  5. Check for a damaged or dislodged washer: While examining the faucet, listen for chattering or whistling sounds, which could indicate a dislodged washer. Repairing or replacing the faucet should fix the problem.
  6. Look for frozen pipes: Is it well below freezing outside? Do you see frost on exposed plumbing? Can you detect strange smells coming from the drain? These are all signs of frozen pipes. Try thawing exposed pipes with a hairdryer or wrapping them in hot towels. If you need help, call a plumber.
  7. Check for leaks, dents, or blockages: Leaky pipes can steal water pressure, while dents and corrosion inside the pipe can prevent water from flowing as it should. Check all visible water supply lines for these problems.
  8. Call your next-door neighbor: If your entire house has no water and you still can’t pinpoint the issue, call a neighbor to see if they’re having the same problem. If so, your tap troubles could be part of a larger issue.
  9. Call your water company: They may have shut off the water to perform maintenance or in response to an unpaid water bill.
  10. Call a Seattle plumber: When in doubt, call a Seattle plumbing company for help locating and fixing the problem. A knowledgeable plumber can do whatever it takes to get your water flowing again, whether that involves repairing your water heater, thawing a frozen pipe, replacing the faucet, or repiping your entire house

If you are unable to fix your plumbing problem yourself, leave the job to Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating. Our team can determine why your water won’t run and get things flowing again using advanced diagnostic equipment and repair techniques. We offer 24/7 plumbing services, so you can rely on us day or night. To speak with an experienced Seattle plumber, please call us at (206) 938-3219 or contact us online today.

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