Do You Know Where Your Home’s Plumbing Shut Off Valve Is?

Jun16 By Shaq Lalani Home Services
Water running from faucet

For most homeowners, if anything goes wrong with the plumbing, you simply call a plumber. While that’s usually the best course of action, you’ll also want to know where your home’s water shut off valve is and how to turn it off. In an emergency situation, you won’t want to wait until your plumber gets there to shut off the water to your home, so knowing how to do so is very important.

During a flooding situation, water can continue to accumulate in your home and cause more and more damage. In those cases, simply turning off your home’s shut off valve could prevent more damage from occurring which can save you money on repairs. Even if you aren’t sure where the water is coming from, you can always turn the water back on once a plumber determines everything is okay.

The most important thing is to find where your home’s main shut off valve is located so you know where to go in case of emergency. The shut off valve is often located where the water line enters your home. Shut off valves can also be located under the bathroom sink, near the washing machine, or near outdoor faucets. Water heaters also have valves to turn off the cold water supply.

Even if you know where your home’s shut off valve is, you should be sure everyone in your home also knows. Some people will put a tag on the valve labeling it or paint it a bright color such as red to make it easier to find and identify. If you plan on being away from your home for an extended period of time you can also let a neighbor know where the valve is.

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