Silent Signs of a Plumbing Problem

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Some plumbing problems are obvious- the toilet is running, the faucet keeps dripping, or worse, the toilet overflows or there’s standing water somewhere in your house. Some problems aren’t as readily apparent. Pay attention to these silent signs of trouble, so that your plumbing doesn’t become a problem.

  • Discolored pipes indicate a moisture problem. This could be caused by something as simple as a drip from the sink, but it could also mean there’s a slow leak in your supply line. That leak would need to be repaired quickly: supply lines are pressurized, so leaving it alone could result in a big mess.
  • Sewer smells shouldn’t enter your home. Plumbing involves drains, which need traps, and then those traps need vents. If everything is working well, that system will channel the sewer odor out of your house. If you can smell sewer gas in your home, something has gone awry. A trap may have run dry, or a vent line may have cracked- in any case, it’s time to call in a professional.
  • If several taps have low water pressure, there’s a distribution issue. It could be a problem with the water main or the water heater, or it could be an active leak in the supply line. Take quick action to determine the problem, then solve it.
  • A slow drain is never a good sign. It could be an easily removed clog, or the clog could be further down the line, requiring some serious snaking. Simple clogs can be handled DIY, but multiple drains may require a plumber.
  • Water shortages and bill spikes seem opposite, but may be related. If your water stops in winter, your pipes may have frozen. Frozen pipes can crack, leading to leaks that you might not even know exist until your water bill shoots up. A high water bill can also mean a running toilet.
  • If your wall paint bubbles and your toilet is wobbly, it’s more than cosmetic. Bubbles in the wall and ceiling paint indicate a moisture problem, and when the toilet isn’t tightly connected to the floor, the wax seal around the toilet drain may have failed, allowing water into your subfloor.
  • Green grass isn’t always good. If there’s a patch of grass in your yard that’s more lush and green than the rest of the yard, it could indicate a leaky sewer drain.
  • Colorful tap water is always bad. Cloudy water can mean air in the pipes, yellow or brown water often means rust, and if your water is green, you’ve got corroded copper pipes.

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