Water Heater Installation & Repair in Seattle, WA

Running Out Of Hot Water?

If you are constantly running out of hot water, it may be time to replace your water heater with a more efficient one. Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating has energy efficient gas, electric and tankless water heaters to solve your problem.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Seattle

Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating can repair or replace any brand of gas or electric water heater. We install the highest quality water heaters, backed by lifetime warranties on all heating components, parts and labor, including a 10-year warranty on tanks against leaks. Whether you’re in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, or beyond… we serve the entire Puget Sound.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a high-efficiency water heater or looking for the optimal efficiency of a tankless water heater, we’ve got you covered.


Water Heater Maintenance in Seattle

Why is water heating maintenance important?

  • Saves you money- keeps it running at maximum efficiency
  • Extends the life of your water heater
  • Healthier water –that’s good for everyone
  • Safety -a broken T&P valve can lead to an explosion

Did you know the temperature and pressure valve on your water heater should be replaced every 3 years?

Many people don’t, yet a malfunctioning T & P valve can cause problems, even explosions if steam pressure builds up inside the tank.

The T & P relief valve is a safety feature designed to relieve pressure if something malfunctions.

If this valve is leaking water, something is wrong and you need to get it checked out.

Save Money by Installing a High Efficiency Water Heater

  • Gas water heaters from Bradford White
  • Electric water heaters from Ruud
  • Tankless water heaters from Eternal Hybrid

Seattle Water Heater installation

For most installations, we recommend Bradford White, Ruud or the Eternal Hybrid tankless water heater. These 3 manufacturers of water heaters are known for their high efficiency, dependability and offer some of the best warranties in the industry.

If you prefer a different brand, we would be happy to install the water heater of your choosing.

Eternal Hybrid Tankless Water Heater

Save money by getting a more efficient water heater and know you are doing something that’s good for the environment by installing a tankless water heater.

Rather than paying to keep water hot all the time, a tankless only heats water when you need it, thereby saving you money.

Tankless with 98%+ Efficiency

For those of you who want the most efficient water heater on the market, the Eternal Hybrid has the highest efficiency at 98-99%.

It simply doesn’t get any better than this. A 2-gallon buffer tank makes sure that you have instant hot water all the time.

Proper Water Heater Installation in Seattle

After making the decision to invest in a new water heater, make sure a licensed plumber installs it.

Hiring an unlicensed plumber that cuts costs and corners can lower the life expectancy of your water heater and cause problems down the road when it can’t be maintained properly.

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