How to Protect Your Home’s Pipes from Severe Cold

Apr25 By Shaq Lalani Home Services
Protect Pipes From Cold

You know how difficult it can be to deal with going out into extremely cold weather, so imagine how tough of a time your home has dealing with it during the winter. There are plenty of parts of your home that may not react well to severely cold temperatures, including pipes which have a tendency to freeze.

There are plenty of ways you can help protect your home from extremely cold temperatures. Since pipes are one of the most susceptible and important parts of your home, they are a good place to start your preparations. Water expands as it freezes, which means if there’s water inside your home’s pipes it will expand and cause pipes to crack or burst.

Winterizing your pipes often starts with allowing faucets to drip to prevent chunks of ice from building up causing pressure which may lead to a burst pipe. Other things you can do include draining water from outdoor sprinkler systems and faucets so they don’t freeze, disconnecting and storing outdoors hoses, covering faucets with foam insulators, and using insulation to protect water pipes that run through areas of your home that are unheated.

You can also opt to temporarily stop using outside water sources by disconnecting and draining garden hoses, turning off the water supply to outside faucets, and turning off sprinkler systems and blowing compressed air through them to drain.

Knowing how to deal with frozen pipes or burst pipes can prevent major damage from occurring inside or outside your home. There are plenty of other ways you can protect your home from severely cold temperatures, but making sure your pipes can stand up to the extremely cold weather is a great place to start. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating at 206-735-3661.

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