Why Does My Toilet Make Noise When Not in Use?

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Do you notice a strange banging or hissing noise coming from your toilet after you flush? Does your toilet run in short bursts, even when no one touches the handle? These situations can be perplexing, frustrating, and wasteful. Find out why your toilet makes noise and how to fix it with these tips from our Seattle plumbers.

  • Banging toilet noise: A loud knocking or banging from your water supply line several minutes after flushing could be a sign of high water pressure. The noise is aptly named “water hammer,” which could lead to burst pipes if ignored. To stop the racket and protect your pipes, you’ll need to install a water hammer arrestor or water pressure regulator. A plumber should perform this task.
  • Gurgling toilet: Gurgling can mean a whole host of things, from a sewer blockage to an obstruction in the vent stack. Some gurgling issues are easier to fix than others, so it’s best to call a plumber to diagnose the problem and recommend the proper repair.
  • Phantom flushing: If the toilet makes a flushing noise when not flushed, you may wonder if your house is haunted. Fortunately, the reality is much less spooky than this. Odds are the flapper is worn out and not creating a tight seal between the tank and bowl. Replacing it is an easy fix you can do yourself—or call a plumber for help.
  • Hissing toilet sound: A brief hiss as your toilet tank refills is normal, but a constant hiss might mean the flapper isn’t doing its job. Water may also be draining into the overflow tube. To prevent this, make sure the fill valve is set below the overflow valve.
  • Vibrating toilet: If the toilet vibrates when flushed, the diaphragm gasket inside the fill valve may be worn and hardened. You can test this by removing the toilet tank lid and lifting the float arm connected to the fill valve. If the noise stops, you know the diaphragm gasket needs replacing.
  • Whistling noise: This is most likely due to a slow leak in the fill valve. Adjusting the valve may do the trick, or it might be necessary to replace it. Either way, a plumber can help.
  • Whooshing toilet sound: Do you notice a whooshing sound while the toilet is refilling? If it seems noisier than usual, calcium buildup could be the culprit. You’ll need to clean your pipes using a mineral deposit cleaning agent. Consider installing a water softener to stop the problem from recurring.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to quiet your noisy toilet, it’s time to call Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating. We have been repairing toilets in Seattle for over 20 years. Our family-owned and operated business offers affordably priced services, so you never have to delay a much-needed plumbing repair. To request your next plumbing service in the Puget Sound area, please call us at (206) 938-3219 or contact us online today.

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