Why Hiring a Professional Plumber is the Right Choice for that DIY Project

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Is your plumbing acting up? If you recently noticed a slow drain, leaky faucet, or water heater problems, you need the problem fixed promptly and correctly. One approach is to search the internet for how-to videos so you can attempt a do-it-yourself repair. It’s admirable to invest your own time and effort into home maintenance, but here’s why hiring a professional is the right choice for that DIY plumbing project.

Stay Safe

Depending on the type of repair you’re attempting, electrocution or scalding burns could be a risk. Even the quality of your drinking water might be at stake. Accidents are far less likely if you leave the job to a professional.

Tap into Years of Training and Experience

Licensed plumbers have undergone the necessary education and training to perform even the most complex plumbing jobs. You may consider yourself “handy” and take pride in fixing up things around the house, but it’s always better to leave a difficult job to an experienced professional.

Gain Access to Specialized Equipment

Do you have plumbing augers, wrenches, tube cutters, sewer cameras, hydro jetting equipment, and other tools at your disposal? If not, you’ll have to shop around at the hardware store. This may be easier said than done for well-intentioned amateurs who don’t know exactly what they need. Skip the hassle, expense, and headache by hiring a plumber to perform the repair.

Avoid Property Damage

Taking on a simple project may be doable in some cases, but it’s wise to leave more complicated jobs to a qualified plumber. This way, you won’t risk property damage that could be costly and time-consuming to clean up.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

When you take on a job yourself, how can you be sure you have completed it correctly? There’s no guarantee with DIY repairs, which means a haphazard fix may not last. On the other hand, licensed professionals offer parts and labor warranties for your peace of mind.

Detect Other Problems Early

When fixing one issue, a DIY’er might overlook another problem that could become serious before long. However, a trained plumber knows what to look for. By checking your whole system, a professional can tackle the root of the problem and perform preventative repairs to stop trouble before it starts.

Save Money in the Long Run

You may be trying to save money by doing the job yourself, but your expenses could mount if your less-than-ideal repair doesn’t last. You could save money in the long run by hiring a plumber from the get-go who can provide their own equipment, detect problems early, and do the job right the first time around.

If you’re having a plumbing problem in your Seattle-area home, reach out to Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating. We offer expert repair services for water heaters, faucets, toilets, drains, and more. We are also available 24 hours a day to perform emergency plumbing repairs when you need us most. To schedule services, please call us at (206) 350-0079 or contact us online.

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