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Sewer Line Service & Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning isn’t always a permanent solution to your plumbing problem, but it is often the more economical choice, and we understand that.

When you can’t afford to replace your drain line, Puget Sound Plumbing has the technology to maintain the line until you can afford a more permanent solution.


Greater Seattle Drain Cleaning

Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment to quickly remove even the most stubborn clogs, including everything from grease stoppage to major root intrusions.

We have the right equipment for any job, big or small. Our trucks are stocked with hydro-jetting equipment and high-tech drain inspection cameras to get your pipes clear and your drain unclogged.

Sewer line solutions for the Puget Sound area

We understand our Puget Sound customers want options so we take the time to talk with you to determine what would be the best based on your needs and your budget.

You’ll always get to hear all your options before having to make a decision.


Bio Clean for drain maintenance

To keep your drains and pipes flowing free, we recommend using Bio Clean. Use it once a month on all your drains to keep things flowing.

It’s EPA approved and won’t damage your pipes.

Video camera inspections

Sewer lines get clogged by tree roots, foreign objects and other things. Our video camera inspection will give you peace of mind as our plumbers can show you what’s causing the problem and that it’s been removed.

Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating offers a warranty on all sewer cleanings with video camera inspections.

Seattle sewer repair and replacement

“Trenchless technology” is the new buzzword in the plumbing industry for sewer line replacement. We’ll discuss going the trenchless route in the right circumstances as it can save you money.

However, the appropriate way to fix a sewer line is to remove the “problem area” and properly install and grade it. We have highly trained back-hoe operators and side-sewer contractors capable of safely replacing pipe up to 20-feet deep.

Sewer pipe re-lining

Pipe lining can be a smart solution to your sewer problems and can be installed in 1 day.

Re-lining can bridge missing pipe sections, reduce further sewer line blockage and will increase the life of your sewer line.

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