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If you’re a Seattle, WA resident who is looking for professional toilet repair, call on the team at Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating for friendly, reliable service. For more than two decades, our team has been the regions’ premier choice when it comes to plumbing installations and repairs. As a family-operated, locally-owned business that provides outstanding plumbing, heating, and cooling services, our goal is to be a dependable and experienced resource for our customers. When your toilet malfunctions, we will be at your property to promptly fix the issue on the first try. With us, there’s no cutting corners or rushing through repairs. We get straight to the root of the problem, so you don’t have to deal with any more toilet inconveniences down the road. Below, we have provided the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our toilet repair services, keep reading to learn more!

Why is my toilet gurgling when I flush it?

A gurgling toilet means that there is air going back up through your toilet. This is a sign of concern and is typically due to some sort of blockage in the sewer line, toilet trap, or in the vent stack where sewer gases are permitted to escape. No matter what the issue, our team can come to take a look before the problem has time to become more severe.

Why won’t my toilet flush all the way?

If your toilet isn’t flushing all the way, there’s likely a part that isn’t working correctly inside the tank. Typically, this type of issue is due to one of the following circumstances:

  • The tank lever of your toilet has chains leading off it that may get stuck around other parts which hinders the flapper from ascending down all the way. In addition, this issue may be due to a chain length that is too tight or loose.
  • Your toilet’s flapper should rise and then slowly lower back down as the water level in its tank rises and should come down to sit directly on top of the gasket. If the flapper is misaligned, the water in your toilet’s tank won’t fill back up as it should.
  • The ball float within your toilets tank may become stuck when the water is at a low level. The float works to tell the fresh water inlet when the tank is full and shuts off the water supply if it gets stuck. This results in the tank not filling up enough to execute a proper flush.

What toilet makes and models can your team perform repairs on?

Our team can professionally perform repairs on nearly all makes and models of toilets, including the following:

  • American Standard
  • Briggs
  • Crane
  • Gerber
  • Kohler
  • Mansfield
  • Toto
  • Universal Rundle
  • And others!

Why is my toilet hissing, rumbling, and thumping when it is flushed?

As with many common toilet issues, hissing, rumbling, and thumping can usually all be chalked up to a faulty flapper. If you are experiencing this type of plumbing issue at your property, be sure to call on the team at Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating so we can diagnose the issue and get to the roof of the problem.

Why does my toilet bubble when it’s not in use?

This bubbling sound you hear coming from your toilet is usually one of two things. You’re either dealing with a clogged sewer drain line or a blocked vent stack. Tree roots, debris, or old items that have been flushed down your toilet can all cause a clogged sewer drain line. A blocked vent stack is a pipe that rises from your plumbing system and out of your roof that helps keep sewer gas from backing up into your home. When your vent stack is blocked, however, your plumbing will be unable to flow freely, causing air to get backed up into your plumbing. As a result, this air will try to escape any way it can, frequently through your toilet and in a bubbling fashion. Both of these issues can be easily diagnosed and rectified through professional inspection, so don’t hesitate to call our team for toilet repair and maintenance services.

Why do I keep finding a puddle of water around my toilet?

If you begin noticing water around the base of your toilet, call the Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating team right away. This type of leak is typically the result of a faulty setting seal or gasket. In this case, we will need to release the toilet pan from the tank and floor to have a new seal fitted.

Do I need a simple repair or a new toilet all together?

Though toilets are well-known as a long-lasting appliance, the plumbing parts to the toilet will need to be adequately maintained and replaced throughout the toilet’s lifespan. In most cases, we find that our customers are experiencing issues with their toilet due to its old age. In this event, we will often recommend going ahead with a toilet replacement that is equipped with a water-saving feature. With that being said, unless your toilet is leaking water or has a hairline crack, a full replacement won’t typically be necessary.

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When you need toilet repair services in the Seattle, WA area, who better to call than the seasoned team at Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating? For over 20 years, we have been locals sound solutions to their plumbing problems, and we take pride in delivering services that give our customers the peace of mind they deserve. If you have additional questions about our toilet repair services that were not addressed on this page, feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing how we can serve you with our unbeatable plumbing work.

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