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If you’re a Seattle, WA resident looking for a plumber in the area who can perform sewer line and drain cleaning services, be sure to call the team at Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating. For over two decades, we have provided our customers all across the region with a sound solution to their plumbing problems. As a family-operated and locally-owned business, our team is focused on delivering unbeatable work and experiences. For our customers’ convivence, we have provided the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our sewer line and drain cleaning services. Keep reading to learn more.

How do I know if my sewer lines and drains need cleaning?

Typically, people figure out that they need their sewer line and drains cleaned once there are signs of a backup. Other symptoms that your sewer lines and drains require a good cleaning include the following:

  • A gurgling toilet
  • A Foul odor from your yard or drains
  • Slow drains in multiple areas of the home (kitchen sink and bathroom tub)
  • Toilets that won’t flush properly

What causes a sewer line to malfunction?

Since sewer line malfunctions aren’t all that common, the issues you’re dealing with have likely manifested from one (or a combination) of three things:

  • Tree roots – Anyone who has trees on their property risks the possibility of having roots infiltrate your sewer line. Roots can grow incredibly long when looking for a water source and often find refuge in your sewer line. If tree roots grow into your sewer line, they can cause blockages and leaks that work to degrade your entire system.
  • Old age – An outdated sewer line is bound to malfunction eventually simply due to old age. After an extensive period of time trying to keep up with demands, it is not uncommon for a sewer line to crack or break under pressure.
  • Obstructions – Anything you put down your drains can lead to some sort of blockage in your sewer line eventually. Things like feminine products, paper towels, grease, hair, and more can become lodged in your sewer line, creating an obstruction over time that causes the system to fail.
  • Lack of maintenance – A simple inspection by licensed professionals can tell you what kind of shape your sewer line is in. Though regular maintenance for your sewer line may seem unnecessary, this extra mile really works to safeguard your system from developing severe issues down the road. The team at Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating can perform cleaning services on your sewer line to ensure it works optimally for years to come.

How often should I have my sewer line cleaned and inspected?

Here at Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating, we recommend that homeowners have their sewer line checked and cleaned at least once a year to ensure everything is functioning optimally. Having a professional plumber perform periodic cleanings to your sewer line significantly helps to prevent clogs and backups in its drains. Regular inspections are crucial due to the fact that a sewer line is underground, which makes it difficult to monitor without help from a professional who’s equipped with the proper tools and know-how. We have ample experience at performing sewer line and drain cleaning services to the Seattle, WA area, and we can tell you that this is not an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” plumbing issue. Ensuring your sewer line and drains are properly maintained is very important to the functionality of the drains around your home.

How can I prevent clogs in my sewer line?

There are many ways homeowners can stop cogs from manifesting within their sewer lines and drains. Some of the best ways you can ensure your system is not subject to clogging includes the following:

  • Don’t flush anything that doesn’t break down in water, such as pads/tampons, baby wipes, diapers, facial napkins, Q-tips, or paper towels.
  • Clean drain stoppers and invest in a hair-straining drain trap
  • Check your plumbing vent pipe on your roof to make sure it is free of any obstructions
  • Always refrain from discarding grease, fat, or oil down your drains

Why do I need a professional plumber for sewer line and drain cleaning?

Though clearing or cleaning a clogged drain may seem like a relatively easy task, it is often more complicated than it looks. DIY homeowners or a rookie plumber will likely be unfamiliar with how to properly utilize a drain snake, causing more damage to your sewer line and drains. In our 20 years in the industry, we have seen the result of amateur work – and often had to clean up the mess. Too much pressure or force on your system is a recipe for disaster, causing costly cracks or breaks in your pipes. Additionally, attempting to unclog a drain with a drain cleaner or harsh chemical, is never a good idea. Chemicals like these are known for lingering in pipes, causing erosion and leaks.

What kind of drain cleaner do the plumbers at Puget Sound Plumbing & Heating use?

When it comes to cleaning your drains, our plumbers’ go-to drain cleaner is BIO-CLEAN. This is an all-natural enzyme drain cleaner that is mighty enough to effectively clean your drains but not harsh enough to damage your pipes or system. Additionally, this drain cleaner is approved by the (Environmental Protection Agency), making it a safe and trusted cleaner that won’t compromise your plumbing or your health.

What sets your drain cleaning services apart from the competition?

Our plumbers utilize the industry’s latest innovative technology during our sewer line and drain cleaning services so that we can save our customers time and money. By using high-tech video cameras to quickly and accurately identify problems inside your sewer lines, we can eliminate the common need to dig up your yard. After we determine the plumbing problem with our cameras, our hydrojetting equipment will work to clear away any sewer line and drain clogs. Additionally, we can use this technology to actually show our customers that their system is cleaned and that our services were effective. No longer will you be left to wonder if your system has genuinely been repaired, because we’ll give you a first-hand, inside look.

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